Welcoming and Affirming United Methodist Churches in Oklahoma

Open Letter To The People Of Oklahoma

October 15, 2014 | OKUMC Clergy (126) and Laity (296) Supporting same-gender marriage.  (View online)

OKUMC Clergy Affirming Equality For All in Christian Marriage (STATEMENT from 2011)

Educational Resources


Bible on Homosexuality from Soulforce.org

A Biblical Response to the Question People Often Ask… “How can you consider yourself a Christian when you are also gay?” (Download in PDF)


Dealing with Controversy by David Wiggs

Dealing with Controversy in a local United Methodist Church Rev. David Wiggs Revised January 2017 (Download in PDF)


Finishing the Journey

Questions & Answers from United Methodists of conviction.  From Northhaven UMC (Download in PDF)

is: Mobilizing United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities to transform our Church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love.

Learn more on their site: rmnetwork.org


Follow Christ with Two Feet of Compassion

From RMNetwork.org (Download in PDF)


Homophobia Resources

From RMNetwork.org (Download in PDF)


Homosexuality & Scripture

The Bible and Equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender People. From RMNetwork.org (Download in PDF)


The Bible Doesn’t Say That Homosexuality is a Sin

An Analysis of the Seven Scriptures Sometimes Claimed to Refer to Homosexuality From RMNetwork.org (Download in PDF)

Online Resources

A Basic Affirming Bibliography
On Human Sexuality

**= suggested first book to read in category | Download this bibliography in PDF


  • Mark Achtemeier, ‘The Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage’
  • James Brownson, ‘Bible, Gender, and Sexuality’
  • Richard Elliott Friedman and Shawna Dolansky, ‘The Bible Now’
  • Luke Timothy Johnson, ‘The Living Gospel’ (Chapter Eight)
  • Austin Hartke, “Nonbinary Gender and the Diverse Beauty of Creation,” The Christian Century, (4 /16/18)
  • Jennifer Knust, ‘Unprotected Texts’
  • William Loader, ‘Sexuality and the Jesus Tradition’
  • William Loader, ‘Sexuality and the New Testament’
  • Linda J. Patterson, ‘Hate Thy Neighbor: How the Bible is Misused to Condemn Homosexuality’
  • **Dan Via’s section in ‘The Bible and Homosexuality’
  • Walter Wink, ‘Homosexuality and the Bible’


(General and Church History)

General History

  • Francis Mark Mondimore, ‘A Natural History of Homosexuality’

Church History

  • **”Cheryl Anderson, ‘Ancient Laws and Contemporary Controversies’  John Boswell, ‘Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality’


(Theology & Science)


  • **Megan Shanon DeFranza,  ‘Sex Differences in Christian Theology’  
  • Karen Keen, ‘Scripture, Ethics, and the Possibility of Same-Sex Relationships’
  • Jack David  Rogers, ‘Jesus, the Bible & Homosexuality’ (Revised Edition)
  • Robert Song, ‘Covenant as Calling’


  • Jaques Balthazart, ‘The Biology of Homosexuality’
  • Jerold Greenberg, ‘Exploring Dimensions of Human Sexuality’
  • Justin Lehmiller, ‘The Psychology of Human Sexuality’
  • Simon LeVay, ‘Gay, Straight and the Reason Why: The Science of Sexual Orientation’ (Second Edition)
  • Dawne Moon, “Culture and the Sociology of Sexuality,”
    Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences
  • **Michael Regele, ‘Science, Scripture, and Same-Sex Love’


(Pastoral Tone)

  • ** David Gushee, ‘Changing Our Mind’ (3rd edition)
  • Steve Harper, ‘For the Sake of the Bride’
  • James Martin, ‘Building a Bridge’
  • Tim Otto, ‘Oriented to Love’
  • Matthew Vines, ‘God and the Gay Christian’
  • Mel White, ‘Stranger at the Gate’

United Methodist Focused…

  • Phillip Cramer & William Harbison, ‘The Fight for Marriage’
  • Reuben Job & Neil Alexander, ‘Finding Our Way,’
  • Kenneth Carter, ‘Embracing the Wideness’
  • Karen Oliveto, ‘Our Strangely Warmed Hearts’